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O'Donnell, a former HR manager and the founder of online career-development company Careerealism. Employees often want to avoid HR, Ms. O'Donnell says, "but you really should do the opposite. Without it, she says, "I would not have been promoted so soon. That kind of connection could help land you a promotion when positions open up or even keep you off the chopping block during the next round of layoffs. Then you'll want to get to know us. How to make the cut?

The Top 10 Highest Paying HR Jobs

And ask yourself what in your background fits the company's needs, says Mike Wright, senior vice president of outsourcing sales with Hewitt Associates. Another angle: Approach an in-house recruiter or hiring manager before they post a position. Try using business-oriented social-media sites like LinkedIn. When you score an interview with HR reps, take it seriously—you never know how much say they have in the process.

And ask them what qualities they look for in employees. Employees like to think that what they do on their own time is their own business, but that's not always the case. That never occurred to Nate Fulmer, a warehouse manager for chemical supplier Environmental Express. Fulmer and his wife made fun of a local church sermon in a podcast they posted online in Fulmer says it got so much attention, his boss listened to it, thought it was offensive and fired him.

A company spokesperson says the firm has new ownership and can't comment on employee matters. According to Ms. Flynn recommends employees check company policy before posting anything online and steer clear of potentially offensive content, even if it has nothing to do with work. It seems that every company has a different approach to human resources.

Five Growing Human Resources Specialties |

For some, it's nothing more than an administrative job, involved with hiring and firing, benefits and not much more. These firms may have a dysfunctional work environment with high turnover, Ms. Perkins says, where employees can often feel trapped.

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By contrast, companies with strong HR departments have been shown to do better financially, says Mr. Empowered human resources reps can also help guide employees through their careers. More 10 Things Columns.

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How to tell the difference? For one, see whom HR reports to. If it's the CEO, that's good, says Mr. Read on to find out the basic eligibility criteria of each course at each level:. For entry to professional courses, the score of entrance exam is the primary test of your aptitude that is accepted by the institutes. So find the list of entrances that will help you get admission to HRM courses:. Every state organizes its separate entrance exam that is conducted by polytechnic institutes to grant admission to HRM courses.

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  8. HR courses can be pursued from a very early stage in career. You can apply for the HR course by getting registered for a diploma course and can further your education until doctoral degree.

    Is Human Resource Management the right career for you?

    This booming field has opened gates for plenty opportunities in the corporate sector and other industries as well. Let us take a look at various courses that you can pursue in the domain of Human Resource Management. The typical duration of diploma course is 1 year to 1. Undergraduate course in HRM is titled as B. Generally the duration of an undergraduate course remains 3 years. After completion of postgraduate course, you will be awarded the degree of M. M in Human Resource Management.

    Generally a postgraduate course is conducted for the duration of 2 years. A doctoral degree enables you to earn the title of Dr. The doctoral program is known as Ph. Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Resource Management.

    The duration of doctoral course is years or depending upon the thesis submission guidelines. In the domain of Human Resource Management there are various specializations that will help you gain an edge in the industry over others. A specialization although narrows down the wide spectrum of opportunities in your hand, but will give you an opportunity to grab those jobs offers wherein there are less numbers of skilled professionals.

    What is Human Resource Management all about?

    A good human resources employee develops and manages their company's culture. They recruit new hires, maintain benefits and payroll, mediate conflict and engage in training and development. Their role is at the core of a company's success. People choosing HR careers begin by earning an associate's degree or a certificate. Graduates with bachelor's degrees may also be eligible for management positions.

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    Those who earn master's degrees in human relations can move on to work in directorial and senior-level management roles. There are two options for earning a master's degree: the Master of Business Administration with a concentration in human resources, and a human resource's master's degree. This designation and others like it show a commitment to excellence and ongoing growth in the field.